A project to assist over-caffeinated electrical engineers in soldering.

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Pensel, or brush/pencil in Swedish, is the device the user interfaces with to control the robotic arms. It is this sub-component that I will first tackle to make the whole system. The design as it stands is as follows:

There will be one unified design to control the iron, solder, and/or wire/components. As such, there must be a generic control methodology built into the Pensel. The Pensel will have as follows:

  1. A three position toggle switch for the user to indicate what mode the Pensel is operating in (Soldering iron, solder, or wire/component).
  2. One push button to indicate that we are actively moving and want the robot to respond
  3. Another push button to do the action supported by the mode. For example:
    • Feed solder
    • Feed wire
    • release component

Hardware Basics

Software Design

Below is an overview of all of the modules in the system.

alt text

Below is an overview of the control and call structure of the system.

alt text